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Historically, Southern Paiute men in warmer months wore breach cloths made of deer hides or cliffrose bark or nothing in the summer. Women wore skirts of cliffrose bark with nothing on top. In cooler weather, men, women, and children wore rabbit skin robes or blankets. Often, they were worn like a cape over the shoulder. They also used some buckskin, which was plain and unadorned. They also obtained red and blue cloth from other tribes through trading. Men and women kept their hair long and cut it only when there was a death in their immediate family as a sign of mourning. During traditional dances, like the Mountain Sheep and Quail dances, the men would dress with mountain sheep horns to imitate the animal and in the quail dance they would wear feathers on their head. Today, Southern Paiutes dress like typical Americans.

Paiute Appearance

Paiute Appearance