Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah: Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities (9/29/2016 1:20:39 AM)

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06/13/16 - Job Opening - LPN - Cedar - Benefits ~1MB

06/13/16 - Job Opening - RN - Cedar - Benefits ~1MB

To apply for a job at the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah (PITU):
You must submit your resume and a PITU Job Application (1.53MB). You can download the application here. Please reference the applicable job posting for additional requirements such as providing copies of certifications, licenses, etc. Once all required paperwork is complete you may mail, fax or email the information - Attention: Kim Kelsey.

Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah
Attn: Kim Kelsey
440 North Paiute Drive
Cedar City, Utah 84721

Phone: 435-586-1112, Ext 110
Fax: 435-867-2659