Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah: Multimedia Equipment

The Paiute Indian Tribe owns multimedia equipment that can be used for audio-visual presentations (See Equipment List). Employees, groups, and individuals may use the Tribe's equipment if it is properly used and scheduled.

Correct equipment request procedures are as follows:

  • Person or department requesting to use Tribal IT / Multimedia / audio-visual equipment or resources:
    1. will review the list of available IT / multimedia equipment
    2. will contact the PITU Receptionist (435-586-1112) and ask the receptionist to check the Resource Calendar for existing reservations to see if equipment is already being used or if equipment is already scheduled
    3. will obtain a Facilities Use Request Form from the Receptionist; will complete the form and return it
    4. will have the Receptionist schedule the request/event/equipment on the Resource Calendar
    5. will have the Receptionist create an IT Help Desk Ticket if any assistance is required from the IT Department during the presentation
    6. will contact (435-586-1112) the IT Department to explain to the IT staff what kind of presentation will be made and what kind of media (CD, Memory Stick, Floppy Disk, Email, etc.) that the presentation resides on
    7. will schedule a time to arrive early to test and/or set up equipment

The IT department requires a Help Desk Ticket for each piece of equipment that is being requested if IT assistance is required at the presenation or if the presentation will occur on a Monday morning or otherwise during odd hours.

The IT Department will only provide support for Tribal Equipment and cannot support individuals or groups who bring their own equipment.