PITU: 2013 Tribal Chairperson Election Results

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Election Dates and Information


FROM: Betty Cuch, Election Chairperson Election Committee
TO: Tribal Council Members
DATE: April 24, 2013
SUBJECT: Results of Tribal Chairperson Election

The Tribal Chairperson Election was conducted on April 23, 2013. The election results are as follows:

Gari Lafferty  
Jeanine Borchardt  
Lora Tom  
Georgetta Wood  
Elliott Yazzie  

Gari Lafferty received the highest number of votes and is the new Tribal Chairperson. Jeanine Borchardt received the second highest number of votes and will serve as the Tribal Vice-Chairperson.

All results were tabulated and witnessed by four members of the election committee and other tribal members.