Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah: Paiute Logo and Flag Information

The name PAIUTE has been translated to mean either "Water Utes" or "True Utes" alluding to their past union as one people with that Tribe (ENAT, 174-176).

The flag of the Paiute Tribe of Utah is white with the tribal seal in the center in red and white. That seal was adopted by tribal resolution 97-20 on 13 May 1997 and signed into law by Geneal Anderson, the tribal chairwoman. The seal already had been used on the floor of the tribal gymnasium and had been incorporated into the Tribe's new headquarters in Cedar City, Utah.

That seal is a ring of two lines. On it an eagle, symbolic of the deity, flies in front of a map of Utah. In the southwestern corner an arrowhead pinpoints the Tribe's location (the Paiute are especially known for their arrowheads). To the left of the eagle are a pair of gourd rattles which represent the Paiute's Salt Song and Bird Song. To the right is a hand-held drum, which represents the Circle Dance Song and the Hand Games Song.

Hanging from the seal, making it resemble a warrior's shield, are five decorated feathers for the five bands. Arching above the top is the official name "Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah." Inside the shield, below the "hand game" sticks, is "Federally Recognized April 3, 1980," showing the paramount importance of that event to the Tribe.

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