Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah: Indian Peaks Band of Paiutes

Indian Peaks Band of Paiute Indians

Indian Peaks; (Kwee’choovunt) Peak People - Soul, Spirit, or Heart

The Indian Peaks Band of Paiute Indians of Utah originally received federal recognition on August 2, 1915. On that date, President Woodrow Wilson signed Executive Order No. 2229, which reserved public domain land in Beaver County, Utah "for the permanent use and occupancy of two certain bands of Paiute Indians."

The old Paiute campsite is about one-quarter of a mile southeast of the twentieth century village site that was torn down by the Utah Fish and Game when they took over Indian Peak.

Contact Information:
Indian Peaks Band of Paiute Indians
(435) 238-0772
PO Box 2062
Cedar City, Utah 84721

2017 Band Chairwoman - Jeanine Borchardt

Cedar and Indian Peaks Reservation Area Map

Indian Peaks Band Reservation Area Picture