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41st Annual Restoration Gathering & Pow Wow

Spread the word about the upcoming Pow Wow scheduled for August 13th & 14th!

Visit for updated information, and check back often!

For additional questions, please call Patrick Charles at 435-586-1112 ext 3354.

Band Emergency Managers

Did you know that each band has designated Emergency Managers to help plan and prepare for Tribal Emergencies?

You can view a comprehensive list here.


August Tribal Council

PITU Tribal Council is set to meet this Monday, August 2nd. Join us virtually at 10am! Click here to join.

From the Tribal Chair: “Due to complaints from the membership regarding the July 12, 2021, Tribal Council Meeting – As of August 2, 2021, all Tribal members who are in attendance of Tribal Council must raise their hands and wait to be called upon or place their comments in the chat area provided. Any disrespect shown towards the Tribal Council will force the meeting to be muted. Thank you!”

We are hiring!

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

  • Dentist – Richfield
  • Family Services Manager – Cedar City
  • Behavioral Health Counselor – St.George
  • Clinic Custodian – St.George

Click here for more information.


Did you know that the PITU observed 2021 holidays are now accessible on our webpage?

This allows you to see the approved future closure dates of FourPoints Health clinics and the Tribal Administration Building.

To see the closure dates, click here.