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Healthy Living

Welcome Judie Keyonnie!

Judie Keyonnie is the newest member of the Patient Outreach and Support Team! She is from Tuba City, AZ. She’s been married for 17 years and has three children. After attending high school in Fredonia, she attended Yavapai College and Dine College. She received a dual Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. She completed her Bachelor’s of Science in 2005 from Northern Arizona University.

Throughout her studies, she always desired to return to her community to teach and educate her people. She worked at the local school district, and taught for 7 years at a Junior High. During these years, she became fascinated with community health. In 2014 she was hired as a Youth Physical Activity Specialist, which later changed to the Physical Education Specialist, under the SDPI grant. Her duties including providing resources to the schools on ways they can increase physical activities, create better nutritional habits, and provide diabetes related education. This allowed her to work with 11 different K-12 schools over the span of 13 communities.

While she thoroughly enjoyed her time there, she looks forward to serving the Paiute Tribal Members and making many new friendships. She is based in the Shivwits clinic, but will be assisting in programming at the Tribal Administration offices.

To reach Judie, please call 435-586-1112 ext 3308 or email

Healthy Living


The Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah offers a wealth of programs and services to help its members achieve their wellness goals.

Nutrition classes, diabetes awareness and prevention, and activity cards and incentives for exercise combine to offer a great experience with PITU Patient Outreach and Support Services.

For more information about the programs, please call the Tribal offices at: 435.586.1112