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General Media and Press Releases

Hearing Documents

06/13/2019 PITU Hearing Documents Part_A

06/13/2019 PITU Hearing Documents Part_B

06/13/2019 PITU Hearing Documents Part_C

Tribal Council Memo Regarding Removal Hearing

C Bow Determination of Hearing Res 2019-48

C Clark Determination of Hearing Res 2019-45

L Tom Determination of Hearing Res 2019-47

D Pikyavit Determination of Hearing Res 2019-46

Resolution 2019-39 Corrina Bow with Charges

Resolution 2019-41 Carmen Clark with Charges

Resolution 2019-40 Delvern Pikyait with Charges

Resolution 2019-38 Lora Tom with Charges

06/06/2019 – Tribal Council Memo and Upcoming Hearings


Cedar High Mascot

04/17/2019 – Press Release: Cedar High School Mascot

02/11/2019 – Press Release: Cedar High School Mascot

01/22/2019 – Letter to Iron County School Board : Cedar High School Mascot


Tribal Programs

SDPI Wellness Program for 2019



11/24/2019 Response Letter from BIA to Shivwits Band RE Sectorial Election

10/17/2019 Letter to Tribal Members RE Shivwits Band Council Efforts to Seperate from PITU

09/30/2019 Shivwits Band Letter 9.30.19 Separate from PITU

09/30/2019 Shivwits Band Letter 9.30.19 New FourPoints Health Clinic Location

05/30/2019 Shivwits Band Letter

05/23/2019 Shivwits BIA Letter

05/16/2019 Letter to Superintendent Williams (requesting Secretarial election)

05/16/2019 Resolution Approving Request for Secretarial Election Shivwits Band

04/30/2019 Letter to PITU


Utah Paiute Tribal Housing Authority

Utah Paiute Tribal Housing Authority Memo 1.17.2020 with supporting documents

Tribal Council

Enrollment Memo


Memo Enrollment Officer

08/12/2019 General Letter to Agencies

Tribal Member Letter RE Memos

Tribal Member Memo Shivwits ICDBG Project

Tribal Member Memo Utah Paiute Housing FY2020

Tribal Member Memo Shivwits Hecla Pond

04/17/2019 Tribal Council Memorandum