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General Media and Press Releases

Hearing Documents

06/13/2019 PITU Hearing Documents Part_A

06/13/2019 PITU Hearing Documents Part_B

06/13/2019 PITU Hearing Documents Part_C

Tribal Council Memo Regarding Removal Hearing

C Bow Determination of Hearing Res 2019-48

C Clark Determination of Hearing Res 2019-45

L Tom Determination of Hearing Res 2019-47

D Pikyavit Determination of Hearing Res 2019-46

Resolution 2019-39 Corrina Bow with Charges

Resolution 2019-41 Carmen Clark with Charges

Resolution 2019-40 Delvern Pikyait with Charges

Resolution 2019-38 Lora Tom with Charges

06/06/2019 – Tribal Council Memo and Upcoming Hearings


Cedar High Mascot

04/17/2019 – Press Release: Cedar High School Mascot

02/11/2019 – Press Release: Cedar High School Mascot

01/22/2019 – Letter to Iron County School Board : Cedar High School Mascot


Tribal Programs

SDPI Wellness Program for 2019



11/24/2019 Response Letter from BIA to Shivwits Band RE Sectorial Election

10/17/2019 Letter to Tribal Members RE Shivwits Band Council Efforts to Seperate from PITU

09/30/2019 Shivwits Band Letter 9.30.19 Separate from PITU

09/30/2019 Shivwits Band Letter 9.30.19 New FourPoints Health Clinic Location

05/30/2019 Shivwits Band Letter

05/23/2019 Shivwits BIA Letter

05/16/2019 Letter to Superintendent Williams (requesting Secretarial election)

05/16/2019 Resolution Approving Request for Secretarial Election Shivwits Band

04/30/2019 Letter to PITU


Utah Paiute Tribal Housing Authority

Survey Election Results UPTHA

UPTHA Ballot and information

Utah Paiute Tribal Housing Authority Memo 1.17.2020 with supporting documents


Tribal Council


TRIBAL COUNCIL MEMO Facility Use 4.1.2020

Resolution 2020-27 Declaration of a State of Emergency and Authorization to the Tribal Chairperson


Resolution 2020-14 H.J.R. 10

Enrollment Memo


Memo Enrollment Officer

08/12/2019 General Letter to Agencies

Tribal Member Letter RE Memos

Tribal Member Memo Shivwits ICDBG Project

Tribal Member Memo Utah Paiute Housing FY2020

Tribal Member Memo Shivwits Hecla Pond

04/17/2019 Tribal Council Memorandum