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Voices for the Land

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Voices for the Land

Torrey House Press marked it’s fifth anniversary as a nonprofit organization which has allowed them to expand its circles and push the boundaries to reach deeper into the conversation.

“A good example comes in the matter and value of Indigenous land acknowledgment, which is more than a gesture of courtesy and respect. In every published book, THP includes the following text on the copyright page: “Torrey House Press offices in Salt Lake City sit on the homelands of Ute, Goshute, Shoshone and Paiute nations. Offices in Torrey are in homelands of Paiute, Ute and Navajo nations.”

“THP’s efforts emphasize that land acknowledgment, which has become a more frequent component of introductions at events of all types, should not be treated as a checklist template to complete but instead as a moment to cultivate a substantial, authentic relationship with Indigenous and Native American peoples.”

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