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Tribal Emergency Response Team

The Paiute Tribe Emergency Response Team (TERT) serves the Tribe in the event of an emergency. This team meets regularly to plan and prepare for Tribal Emergencies. Use the calendar to see events and be sure to see the news further down the page.

The Paiute Tribal Headquarters, located in Cedar City, Utah, has increased its capacity to function in an emergency by recently building and activating an effective radio communications site, which is presently capable of handling local VHF/UHF and worldwide HF traffic. The radio site, which was planned and built by a volunteer Extra-Class Amateur Radio Operator and the Tribe’s Maintenance Department, consists of the following types of equipment:

  • All-mode, all-frequency Amateur Radio transceiver (IC-9100)
  • CB and FRS radios
  • Various rotatable directional, fixed omnidirectional, and simple wire antennas (Mosley TA-54, ZF 43ft vertical, dipole)
  • Gas-powered AC/DC generator

The Tribal Emergency Response Team is working towards obtaining Amateur Radio licenses for the purpose of operating the radio equipment. Anyone interested in becoming licensed may contact the local Cedar City Rainbow Canyon Amateur Radio Club for assistance. Amateur Radio operators already holding appropriate licensure are welcome to visit the Paiute Tribe and may, with permission, be allowed to operate the Tribe’s radio equipment.



Cedar Band Emergency Managers
Primary: Jackson Bow (
Cell: 435-393-5100
Alternate: Laurel Yellowhorse
Cell: 435-313-1508

Indian Peaks Band Emergency Managers
Primary: Tanayah Tom (
Cell: 435-327-1390
Alternate: Jeanine Borchardt (
Cell: 435-238-0772

Shivwits Emergency Managers
Primary: Norine Castro (
Cell: 435-256-2206
Office: 435-656-9002
Alternate: Angus Snow (
Cell: 435-862-4446

Kanosh Band Emergency Managers
Primary: Alexis Pikyavit
Office: 435-586-1112
Alternate: Darlene Arrum

Koosharem Band Emergency Managers
Primary: Toni Pikyavit

Additional Information
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