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Spirit Run 2020


Spirit Run 2020

This year’s Spirit Run was like no other- a true celebration of resilience, perseverance, and ingenuity.

With COVID-19 lingering, the planning committee had to make drastic changes to ensure the safety of runner’s and volunteers.

The theme of this year’s Spirit Run was mentorship, resilience, and carrying the message of hope. We are so proud to report that 90% of participants were PITU tribal members, proudly representing all five bands.

We appreciate the guidance of the tribal elders who participated and unhesitatingly took on the role of mentors to the young men. It was a remarkable experience for all who witnessed the courage, heroism, and endurance of these runners. We truly appreciate all participants, and the selfless effort of our planning committee and volunteers.

Photo (above) shows an extraordinary moment where three generations embarked on this experience together.

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