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Section 1. Tribal membership shall include:

  1. Those persons whose names appear on the official revised membership roll compiled pursuant to Sections 4 and 6(a) of the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah Restoration Act, P.L. 96-227, 94 Stat. 317, and adopted by the Interim Tribal Council on the 13th day of July, 1981, Resolution No. 81-27, Enrollment.
  2. Those who are of at least one-fourth (1/4) degree Paiute Indian blood and who are lineal descendants of those in (a) above.
  3. For the purposes of this section “Paiute Indian Blood” is defined as Indian blood derived from any of the five (5) constituent bands.

Section 2. Band Affiliation.  An applicant who is qualified for tribal enrollment shall be affiliated with the same band as the natural parent(s).   Where the natural parents of an applicant are of different bands, the applicant may be affiliated with the band of either parent.  If an adoption occurs pursuant to Section 1 (c)  or between a natural and adopting parents, who are enrolled in the Tribe, where the adopting parents of the applicant are of different bands, the adopting parent(s) shall at the time of the child’s enrollment in the tribe select affiliation with the band of an enrolled parent.  No person shall be affiliated with more than one band and transfers from one band to another shall not be permitted.

Section 3. Dual Enrollment.  Despite the provisions of Section 1, no person who is or becomes enrolled as a member of another tribe may be a member of this tribe.

Section 4. Appeal of Refusal of Membership.  Any person denied tribal membership may appeal the denial in accordance with applicable tribal ordinances.

Section 5. Ordinances.  The tribal council shall enact ordinances governing adoption, loss or surrender of membership, and future membership; Provided, That such ordinances are in compliance with this constitution.

Section 6. Membership Roll.  The tribal council shall maintain a current membership roll of the tribe which reflects band affiliation, adding the names of persons found eligible for enrollment and deleting the names of deceased enrollees from whom appropriate proof of death has been submitted.

Section 7. Corrections in Roll. Corrections may be made in the official revised membership roll by the tribal council for the purposes of correcting misspellings of names and incorrect listings of blood quantums; Provided, However, That the tribal council may not remove the name of any person listed on the official revised membership roll without the approval of the Secretary of the Interior.

Section 8. Relinquishment of Tribal Membership. A person may apply to relinquish his or her membership in the Tribe by filling an application for relinquishment with the Tribal Enrollment Office. If that person’s application is accepted, the Tribal Council will remove that person’s name from the tribal roll.

Relinquishment of tribal membership is final; a person who relinquishes his or her membership as an adult may not later apply for re-enrollment.  Provided that, a person who relinquishes his or her membership as a child may file   application for re-enrollment in the Tribe with the Tribal Enrollment Office after becoming an adult.  For purposes of this section, a “child” is less than 21 years of age and an “adult” is age 21 or older.

All applications for relinquishment of Tribal membership and/or for re-enrollment in the Tribe are subject to the discretion of the Tribal Council.