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Section 1. Powers of Court.  All judicial powers of the tribe shall be vested in a tribal judiciary, including such powers as may in the future be granted or restored to the tribe by any law of the United States or other authority, except as limited by this constitution.

Section 2. Jurisdiction.  The judicial power of the court shall extend to all suits in law or equity arising under this constitution or tribal ordinances.  Decisions of the tribal judiciary shall be binding upon all persons within the jurisdiction of the tribe.  The appellate court of the tribe shall be the final and supreme interpreter of this constitution and tribal ordinances.

Section 3. Tribal Judiciary.  The tribal judiciary shall consist of a trial court of general jurisdiction and an appellate court.

Section 4. Term of Office and Qualification.  The tribal council shall set forth qualifications for tribal court chief judge, associate judge and appellate judge(s) by ordinance.  The tribal council shall appoint persons to fill said positions for a term of four (4) years for chief judge, and two (2) years for associate judge and appellate judge(s) and may renew said appointments at the expiration of the term.

Section 5. Removal.  No judge shall be removed except for good cause as defined by tribal ordinance.  Prior to removal, the judge who is the subject of a removal action shall receive written notice of the charges against him or her five (5) business days prior to a hearing before the tribal council called to consider his or her removal.  At the removal hearing, said judge shall have the right to examine witness against him or her, shall have the right to call witnesses in his or her own behalf and shall have the right to be represented at his or her own expense, by an individual of his or her choice.  An affirmative vote of three (3) members of the council shall be required to remove any judge.

Section 6. Rules of Procedure.  The tribal court chief judge shall issue rules of pleading, practice, and procedure applicable to any and all proceedings of the tribal court and appellate court, consistent with the provisions of this constitution.  In the event the chief judge fails to establish said rules, the tribal council shall have the authority to establish them.