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Section 1 – Tribal Chairperson – aix

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Section 1 – Tribal Chairperson – aix

Section 1. The Tribal Chairperson:

(a) Shall be the primary representative of the tribe;

(b) Shall call and preside over meetings of the tribal council;

(c) Shall sign all negotiable instruments, contracts, applications for Federal or other funds, as authorized by the tribal council;

(d) Shall have the right to vote only in the case of a tie, shall be counted for purposes of forming a quorum, and shall have the right to debate;

(e) Shall make written and oral reports at all tribal council meetings of all of his or her activities;

(f) Shall not obligate the tribe in any manner without the prior written authorization of the tribal council; and

(g) Shall have such other duties, powers and restrictions as designated by the tribal council.