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Section 2 – Action by the Tribal Council – x

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Section 2 – Action by the Tribal Council – x

Section 2. Action by the Tribal Council.

(a) The tribal council shall act only by ordinance, resolution or motion. All legislative enactments of a permanent nature or of general applicability shall be by ordinances; all other actions, unless otherwise provided herein, may be in the form of resolutions or motions.

(b) In addition to such acts of the tribal council as are required by other provisions of this constitution to be by ordinance, every act levying a tax or fee, establishing any rule or regulation for the violation of which a civil or criminal penalty is imposed, or placing any burden upon or limiting the use of property shall be by ordinance.

(c) Every act of the council which is of a temporary nature or relating to a specific action (such as petitions to public officials or to support grant applications) shall be made by resolution.

(d) The ordinary business of the council may be transacted by motions recorded in the minutes.

(e) The tribal council shall cause its ordinances to be codified and thereafter maintained in current form and available for inspection by the tribal membership. Each council shall periodically review the ordinances and examine them for current need. The council may by ordinance prescribe the procedures by which other individuals or entities may obtain access to tribal records or documents.

(f) The tribal council may, by ordinance, prescribe the procedures for enactment, public notice, repeal or amendment, authentication and disposition of ordinances.