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Section 4 – Tribal Treasurer – aix

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Section 4 – Tribal Treasurer – aix

Section 4. The Tribal Treasurer:

(a) Shall be responsible for the funds of the tribe;

(b) Shall accept, receive, receipt for, preserve, and safeguard all funds for which the tribal council is acting as trustee or custodian;

(c) Shall deposit all tribal funds in a bank or elsewhere, as directed by the tribal council;

(d) Shall report all receipts and expenditures and accounts, and the nature of all funds in his or her custody once every six (6) months to the tribal council in writing, or at any time requested to do so by the tribal council; and

(e) Shall be bonded as required by law or by the tribal council;

(f) With respect to (b) through (d) above, the treasurer may delegate said duties upon approval by the tribal council.